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Sticker Actuator

Sticker Actuator

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Flexible and Sticky! Mount this actuator to any smooth surface

How it works? This Do-It-Yourselve actuator is made from a FlexPCB sticker coil and an N52 Magnet. It can be easily mounted to any smooth surface, and when current flows through the planar copper windings, it can generate a magnetic field strength of up to 2.7mT. This can be used to attract or repel N52 grade neodymium magnets, to create custom actuators. These types of actuators can move lightweight objects, like thin 3d-printed plastic models or paper-origami.

Applications: This PCB was design to be used as a flexible voice-coil-actuator sticker, so its intended to add motion to in-animate light-weight materials. To control the motion of this actuator, one must use an h-bridge module, like the Flexar Driver. The magnetic field strength of this coil is limited to 2.7mT (measured from the surface). The actuation distance can be improved by using the largest magnet that fits in the available area. Given that some aspects of this actuator are customizable, its motion and force will also depend on the magnet’s pivoting point, mass and magnetic field strength. The adhesive used on the backside is 3M467. It’s cover can be peeled off using a pair of tweezers. Always clean the surface before sticking the actuator and it is very important to peel-off the cover before powering on the coil, otherwise the adhesive-cover might get damaged. The coil can be sticked on a curved surface, with a 18mm maximum bending radius. One can also use this PCB coil for Vibrating Actuator, Motor prototyping, Speaker/Buzzer and Weak electromagnets, however the PCB Actuator is more suitable for some of these other applications, as it has a stronger 12mT peek magnetic field.

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